Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Playing with Fire.

I found this rather nice to listen to..

"[Verse 2:]
They say you're nobody til somebody kills you
But where I'm from you're nobody til you kill somebody
And you kno what they say
When you're great it's not murder it's assassinate
So assinate me bitch
Cause I'm doin the same shit martin luther king did
Checkin in the same hotel in the same suite bitch same balcony
Like assinate me, bitch."
From - 'Oh No'

"Pick a city, buy a condo, find a fine hoe, let some time go.. chill"

I like what he meant by it.
In Lamans terms; Pick a city, buy a house, find a girl, grow old and chill out.

Kinda seems like the picture perfect recipe eh?


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