Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Last of the Melbourne iphotographs.

This upload is in no particular order.. Enjoy :)

Saab with a WLF? Vanbars Carpark too!
Flux Capacitor and MFBibby.
Stranglemode army.
The Bibby Pool.
Mordy U-pipe.
New Camera (Thanks baby <3)
Janome Back alley's.


Thanks Sam :)

Frank Corso's Vehicle.
New Pants. Check that crease!!
Joeby and the Bibbinator.
And the Last but not least. hahahaha <3.

All in all, I had a great time in Melbourne. Soon to be back permanently.

See you all soon!
Love always,



Andrew Snyder said...

Sickest post so far. You guys can really swim at this time of year?

Oh those creases are called pleats yo. <3

Timothy Regard said...

Haha, so down for pleats homie.

Yeah, it's summer here andy!

Holla! :)

Joseph Buchan said...

Fuck yeah Joeby.