Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Gold Coast Hates Me..

Every bloody time i make a venture to the Gold Coast, no matter who is with me.. on the way back it storms/hails/mini cyclone's.

So Ridiculous!

Today was no exception.

Varsity Skatepark.. Skatebiz BBQ.

Maggggggot! :)

Max - Pivot Fakie on the big part of the Wave.

Max Sugarcane's up the Wave.

Storms a Brewin'!

When we got home, it wasn't raining.. and since i dont have my bike, we rode Neil's.
Check that rainbow homie!

Hope everyone's day was as eventful as mine,

Tim :)

I Like You..

Alot more than i should, because i know that it'll never work out.
I'm not trying to be pessimistic, but i don't think you'll do anything about it.

Your eyes, your cheeks and your smile, although rare, are the brightest thoughts in my day.

I'm a sucker for dead end relationships.. I couldn't explain why.

I've never been less than terrible at this whole thing.



Thursday, November 27, 2008

Everlasting Friendship.

Be Warned, It's pretty darn awesome!

Finders Fee awarded to Robbie Brannigan. wub wub.


Linn Heidi Stokkedal.

Everyone needs to have a little Linn Heidi in their day!

This lovely young lady is doing wonderful things with her hasselblad. One day soon, she'll be a big name, and i'll have had her on my blog before it all!

Check her site, and her blog AND her flickr..
What could be better than a blog with a Chairlift Album as the title? Amazing.

Good day all!


Another Failed Mission.

Tuzza, Tom and Myself tried to head out to that spot we shot at the other night..
Something was fishy, as there was already a security car in the driveway.

We tried anyway, and got kicked out by a security pair, male and female, who we obviously had interupted their making out session.

Fucking Hicks.

After we decided to call it a night, i wanted to shoot some photos that i'd been meaning to for a long time. So i did. :)

Here's a couple digital frames of what will eventually be velvia 100f Hasselblad Images.

HMNMNNM Halfcabs> Any Shoe.

Another day of waiting for my bike to be finished too!

I'll have photos of the new bike stuff asap.

Hope everyone had a great evening,



Hey all!

After ANOTHER day of being told 'the parts didnt come in, you can pick your bike up tomorrow!',
Jake and i decided to head to coops.

Although sidetracked, jake did end up coming eventually and fun was had.

Just a few snaps today, as i skated a bunch.

Mikey is getting real good at skating.. we're gonna have to take out his knees!


Hope everyone's day was good :)


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I suck at blogging..

Hey Kids,

Few Links today..

Build your own Fixed Gear! Fantasy Games are pretty much my life.. There will be many many more posted here :) (as always, click the image to get to the page)

Also, my good friend Fruitboot (aka Andrew Tomchyshyn) started up a blog of his doings. Check it out, he is an awesome image maker. (click the photo for link)
His Flickr is goddamn awesome too!

Anyway, enjoy the stimulative visuals.


Monday, November 24, 2008

Last Night's Adventure!

So we (bibby and I) get a call from a very bored Tuzza(Turi Ramsay) at roughly 10pm last night.

The conversation basically went like this..

'Oi C**T!'
'oh, sup tuzza?'
'I'm coming over faggot..'
'Oh yeah? why?'
'We're going to shoot a photo!'
'Oh? Where?'
'45mins from your place..'
'Urghh.. ok, hurry up though. Bibby has a flight at midday tomorrow'

So he arrives at about 11:30, and off we go.

Mandatory Mcdonalds Stop.

Da Spot.
Da PhotoG.

I like to interfere
I had tuzza pretend to skate for me.. switch kicky, for the ladies ;)

Being a goofball is my favourite pastime.

The End.

Timothy. :)

Yesterday's post didn't publish for some reason..

So here it is again!

Skateboarding!! Murrarie is seriously underated as a skatepark. I love that place! :)

Jakey killin it! ^ (click it to see the image movvvvve!)
EDIT: didn't work.. here's the LINK

Nothing much else to report.. apart from the fact I couldn't learn frontside noseblunts on the mini ramp today :( impossible!

Good day chaps,


Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Andrew Bibby My Friends.

He is here, and will be here for a week. Watch this space, for the best photos you've ever seen.. haha.


Timmy... and Bibby xoxo.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Line Rider!

Best Game I Can't Read, Yet!

Overload of Good Clips..

Youtube is so awesome now that i don't have suuuppper shitty internet!
If you can sit through this, you'll be happier for it.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Funny Clip

While lurking SFGFC (Southsea Fixed Gear Fight Club), I stumbled upon this funny bit of camera phone footage.. Enjoy the Laugh!


EDIT: HAHAHA.. Get on this too! Stick it out.. it's perfect!

A Rainy Sunday.


Well, as i promised, photos of neilske and my ride tonight.
Neil also popped his tyre straight away.. so yeah.. haha. lots of photos of yours truely.
Good night anyway..

Wynnum Plaza Carpark FTW (when raining).

Saturday, November 15, 2008

3 frames of Sadness.

I goddamn hate rain..

Well thats not true.. i love rain when i have nothing to do.

Anyway, it's storming here right now, so i'm going for a ride with Neilske.. Photos up later.

Guus Needs Exposure.

No more words..

I Just Broke one of my Point and shoots..


RIP random piece of film p&s... there's been some great times.

Blog Fiend.

So i got blog fever :)

Here's the first set of edited photographs from my new camera.

Enjoy Blogerino's!