Monday, November 24, 2008

Last Night's Adventure!

So we (bibby and I) get a call from a very bored Tuzza(Turi Ramsay) at roughly 10pm last night.

The conversation basically went like this..

'Oi C**T!'
'oh, sup tuzza?'
'I'm coming over faggot..'
'Oh yeah? why?'
'We're going to shoot a photo!'
'Oh? Where?'
'45mins from your place..'
'Urghh.. ok, hurry up though. Bibby has a flight at midday tomorrow'

So he arrives at about 11:30, and off we go.

Mandatory Mcdonalds Stop.

Da Spot.
Da PhotoG.

I like to interfere
I had tuzza pretend to skate for me.. switch kicky, for the ladies ;)

Being a goofball is my favourite pastime.

The End.

Timothy. :)

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