Thursday, November 27, 2008

Another Failed Mission.

Tuzza, Tom and Myself tried to head out to that spot we shot at the other night..
Something was fishy, as there was already a security car in the driveway.

We tried anyway, and got kicked out by a security pair, male and female, who we obviously had interupted their making out session.

Fucking Hicks.

After we decided to call it a night, i wanted to shoot some photos that i'd been meaning to for a long time. So i did. :)

Here's a couple digital frames of what will eventually be velvia 100f Hasselblad Images.

HMNMNNM Halfcabs> Any Shoe.

Another day of waiting for my bike to be finished too!

I'll have photos of the new bike stuff asap.

Hope everyone had a great evening,


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