Friday, May 28, 2010

I have acquired some cool stuffs..

Hey Everyone!

Hope errybody is going swell!

Some new drawings, nick-nacs and words..

Watching this as I post, it's good so far.. but then again, I can't say no to Denzel.
Sweet new frame I picked up
This sucks, but it doesn't look so bad in person I guess
My First Babushka Doll!
Presents from Neilske and Mama.. paint my own babushkas!
Maneki Neko
For Pauline/Smurfy
For Lauren Furniss
For Dan Dan
I started using red-lead for rough sketches.. really improved my work. :)
Jewels via Sophie Hill, the goods, I swear.
Sweet bat I was given instructions to fold paper into.
I just thought this was funny. Haha :)
and last but not least, I just finished RZA's book (in record time!).. it was really good!

So I'm thinking of doing something cool.. I want YOU to write down on a piece of paper, the best thing that has happened to you today.. then scan or take a photo of it, and send it to me at and I'll put them all up on here! Sound good? EXCELLENT.

I wrote down a few things in my book between scribbles.. here goes.

"..If she knew how much I like it when she walks arm in arm with me, she'd probably stop doing it.. though I'd never tell her, to prevent such an outcome." - 28/05/10

"Today has been much better, so far." -11/5/10

I hope everyone feels like I do on my better days, on their better days.

-Timothy. xo


Anonymous said...

the best thing that happened to me today was realising i have an amazing travel partner

Cassandra Bayley said...

Literally speaking, you really have those collection of cool stuffs! :) I wish I have the kitten that says to catch good luck..

Cool Stuff

leook2001 said...

I like those stuff!