Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Luke Pownall

NAME: Luke Pownall (no middle name, 'I feel stooged!')
AGE: 23 years of age

that one where girls dont laugh so hard

sort of use my arm like im bouncing a bball

and like move my front foot as if im doing tic tacs on my board..

you know... i mean it looks pretttty good"

FAVRORITE CANDY (Luke's girlfran works at a candy store!):

"love heart lollies. we sit there in bed eating them and try to put the words on them in to a sentence without the other one noticing.

its so super gay but she likes me being this lame."

So you could either go look at his sweet blog with awesome photos on it, or you could just keep looking at child porn whilst checking over your shoulder every few seconds.. totally up to you.. really.

Sorry for the lack of actual content lately, I have just been finding new friends with blogs that you may enjoy :)

'You kinda need food to live' - Stephanie Grace.. pure genius.

Tim. xo

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