Friday, August 7, 2009

Curtis Rothney; Ultimate Cool Guy.

Curtis Rothney of

You have a blog now.. Why?

"I do. I kind of held back on it for so long just because I had made a few in the past and they all failed miserably after a few days. I was thinking about it last night and figured it would be a good idea to get another one started. I know there's at least a few people that care and it'd give me some motivation to go out and shoot more (something I should already be doing anyway). I think I'll stick with it and let it grow this time. I'm committed."

I know that feeling too well, although this is pretty much the only update i've thought about in the last month or two.. Any special things we can expect from your blog, or just the usual photos, funny story, random links and anecdotes?

"I can honestly say I check your blog every day and get let down every time seeing the same post from months ago haha. You can expect a lot of the usual but I think I may want to throw some other stuff on there. Spotlights, if you will on people I'm stoked on and I think are doing things right. Maybe just small interviews accompanied by a few photos. We'll see how things play out and if people are down to do it."

Damn, I really thought no one at all checked this thing! I'll be sure to think of you when I skimp out on the posts. Thanks for your time Curtis, even with our time zone difference, it'll be great to see what's going down in Nova Scotia!

"Dude, I do my little Aussie blog check. You, Tom & Joe and then Bibby. And no problem Tim, there's always time!"

(Click the Photo for a link to Curtis' Flickr, and HERE to go straight to FourCorners)

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Julien said...

Curtis is cool, I can attest as I know him in real life.