Sunday, December 7, 2008

Nas and Yeezy in Brisbane!!

Last night, was easily the best stage show I've EVER seen!

Started with some homie i can't remember who it was, one the of the good music click, then Consequence! fucking awesome.

We'll skip the part about how many people were into Scribe.. although he did do a dope single verse over 'a Milli' by Weezy. I thought my car played that song with a ton of bass! EESH.

NAS! Full band backing him was crazy amazing. Never seen a little asian guitarist jump around like he was in a death metal band, with a rapper singing.. Haha. Tick that one off my to do list ;)

Definantly awesome when nas came out, and everyone stood and gave him applause for probably 10 minutes. For his first time in Australia, I thought that was rather fitting.
Played an impecable and flawless set. Absolutely Stunning to hear him substitute "NY state of mind", to "Bris-bane state of mind!". This had the Crowd PUMPED. All in all, NAS 10/10!

Post 20mins of waiting, Kanye's Entrance was nothing short of breathtaking to everyone.
The stadium just blew up with excitement and applause. Yelling, Screaming, some guy didn't even know what to say, so all he said was 'Fuck.. YEAHHHHHHHHHHH!' Haha, that had me.

Yeezy had a really dope set, lasting about 3 hours. Straight up, Through the Wire (personal Fav.), and added little bits and pieces of flare to it. You gotta love that about Kanye, the song you know back to front, will never sound the same as the one on the album. Everytime is different. AWESOME.

After the first couple songs, he decided to stop everything, and tell the camera-man how to do his job, 'cause he was blowing his favourite part of the show. Pretty exciting to hear kanye has a good sense of humor about it all too. The 45minute chat to the crowd about how the papparazzi sucks, and portrays everyone as negative.. turning half into a freestyle, the other into a 'PUT YOUR MIDDLE FINGERS UP', was definantly funny to listen to.

The show went on, lots of lazers, massive projections, diamonds in the sky, gold diggers and much much more. Even though I didn't get into the new album (808's and Heartbreak), hearing it over those mega loud speakers, sounded pretty good.

No more rambling from me, hope whoever went, had an awesome time as i did.

Stay Safe All!

Timothy. :D

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